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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Amia ₱ 2.3 M 50 sqm
Alicia ₱ 1.7 M 33 sqm
Isabella ₱ 1.3 M 48 sqm

What makes Avida Village Santa Cecilia so unique from the rest is that it disproves the premise that every decent home must always be expensive. Avida Land knows that every hardworking Filipino deserve to own a decent place where he can lay down his head and call the same as his own home. Added to that, despite the seeming affordability, quality is never sacrificed and the rest of the facilities and amenities accorded to high-priced villages were generously provided by Avida Land.

Cavite is the closest southern province to Metro Manila. If you are employed in the metropolis but want to upgrade your residential condition, just come to us for assistance. We understand fully your needs and we are here not only to help you acquire a property, we also here to protect your best interests and represent you with full honesty and transparency whenever required. Do hit that chat button below and one of our specialists will be with you right away.

We offer a great deal of acquisition and payment packages. One of them might simply be an answer your specific needs. Worry not, we have been in this business for a long time and the reputation we have built for the team is as priceless as our dignity. We hope to have you on the loop soonest possible time. 

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