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Avida Village Santa Cecilia is a perfect hideaway place for most peace-loving people who have been harassed by noise, pollution and traffic in the metropolis. With its easy-to-reach distance, the village will be a perfect haven for Metro Manila employed residents to re-charge the whole night through. Avida Land is set to break the record of other developers in generously providing the basic and necessary amenities to the community despite its affordable house and lot packages. Most often, only the high priced villas offer amenities and facilities but that is not true in the case of Avida Land.

Here the list of available Facilities & Equipments you are set to enjoy:


  1. Full perimeter fence around the village: Gladly, the entire village is kept safe within the protection of strong perimeter walls. Intruders at no particular time nor date are allowed entry here. Enough to make sure that your family is truly safe.
  2. Responsible Property Management by Avida Land Corp: Avida Land has, in place, a team of Property Management experts that may quickly respond to critical or related scenarios within the community. Avida Land truly understand the need to have a responsible and credible team to represent Avida to all of its clients-residents.
  3. Village-owned water supply system: Dasmariñas is blessed with a larger and a much cleaner water table, enough to supply its residents. Avida Land is taking advantage of this natural bounty to make sure that residents have uninterrupted supply of a clean and a much cheaper water.
  4. Round-the-clock security services: We can’t afford to compromise anybody’s safety under our watch so a team of well-trained security personnel are manning the entrance and exit gates, including the open common areas within the village, with due diligence and dedication.


  1. Accessible multi-purpose hall and a main park: Family affairs and other community gatherings can be held within the safe grounds of the multi-purpose hall. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christening – name it, you have a safe place to hold such events. With the overlooking main park which is incomparably healthy and eco-friendly, your occasions will just be that great.
  2. Basketball court: Millennials are mostly health conscious and most often, from office, they have to go to a gym to sweat out over a basketball games. Well, travel no more because Avida Village Santa Cecilia has its own playing court within the safe premises of the village. Time to win a friend.
  3. Swimming Pool: Most people are dying from the thought of spending weekends with their families on a swimming spree in nearby resorts. Our in-house pools are yours to enjoy over weekends or on any day that you wish to use it. Be our guest and enjoy with your family.
  4. Gazebo and trellis in Main Park: Gazebos and Trellis available at the main park provide informal spaces and opportunity for friends, neighbors and even families to have a casual talk perhaps over a cup of coffee or a bottle of soda. These are yours to enjoy without limits.
  5. Nearby play area for kids: Truly important, yes indeed. So Avida Land provided that very significant space for children to be children – the play area. Safe as it is within the bounds of the village, this kiddie area is meant to treat children of all ages to enjoy their weekend and holidays. Time to win some friends, kids. 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Full perimeter fence around the village
  • Accessible multi-purpose hall and a main park
  • Basketball court
  • Gazebo and trellis in main park
  • Nearby play area for kids
  • Responsible property management by Avida Land Corp.
  • Village-owned water supply system
  • Round-the-clock security services
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