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Avida Village Santa Cecilia

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Brgy. Salawag, Paliparan, Dasmariñas, Cavite
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 50 sqm - 300 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.6M - Php 2.8M


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Avida Village Santa Cecilia By Avida Land

Healthy living on a decent residential village is made possible and affordable by Avida Land’s Avida Village Santa Cecilia situated in Brgy. Salawag in Dasmariñas, Cavite. It is accessible via Molino-Paliparan roads. This residential community is taking pride on its modern Asian architecture reasonably priced for ordinary middleclass men. Lot offerings is as small as 50 square meters to as big as 300 square meters. The wide range of lot cuts provide ample choices for buyers to choose their personal space according to what their current family needs. So whether you are a growing family or an extended one, a small starting family with hopes of raising more kids, this place is highly recommended for you. Avida Land has been one of the top developers in the country known for its generous low package prices – no compromise on quality. What is really very surprising here is that you get to enjoy the same set of amenities and comfort with those who are paying higher for their house and lot packages. This sheer act of kindness on the part of Avida is personally striking too many clients, no wonder their residential communities are fast selling like pancakes.

Avida Village Santa Cecilia is blessed with a perfect location. It is strategically located halfway to Metro Manila and half way to Southern Luzon. It is few minutes away from Tagaytay City, one of country’s top tourist destination. It is equally 35 to 40 minutes away from Alabang. This Avida Land project reflects the picture of a dainty and a well-organized community where serenity and healthy living co-exists without sacrificing modernity and comfort. Indeed nothing is more soothing and refreshing than going home to a place where your residence is perfectly cared for by nature. The homey welcome of trees, plants and the entire lush green carpet of the entire community, such a perfect reprieve from the hassles of everyday office life.

Avida made sure that each family’s needs to pre-modelled houses, these house models are available for purchase:

  • Amia House Model – 50 square meter lot, 2 storey house
  • Alicia Model House Model – 50 square meter, bungalow type, single detached
  • Isabella Model House – 50 square meter lot, townhouse type

Avida Village Santa Cecilia depicts a typical Pinoy community set against the backdrop of a placid Cavite ambiance. It is a place where simple yet strong houses are built with some front yard spaces for a garden, typical of a calm rural Filipino community. Trees and grasses alike, alternately located between and amongst houses, provide so much comfort against the heat of the sun and the wide concreted access roads add to the sight of a clean and orderly place. Its townhouses, resembling that of a high priced villa, is so affordably irresistible, apart from the fact that aesthetically, these units are very enchanting to the eyes. But the real deal lies within each residential structure because the interior is designed to have more space for household members to move inside.

Without a doubt, its affordability, comfort, security, and strategic location among others are pluses to the entire package of goodness being offered by Avida Village Santa Cecilia. On top of it all is its affordability. If you are about to start your family from a small area outside of Metro Manila, consider this much safer location. At a surprising package price, you’ll be able to own your dream house and lot. If you are a family with a considerable size of member, you can of course opt to purchase for a much larger cut and have your house designed accordingly. Perhaps you are a family with extended members, you’ll truly love the way we will put things in order for you. If you have been working hard abroad and dream of retiring to a quiet and safe place where you can see your children and grandkids grow, consider Avida Village Santa Cecilia. With us here, you are guaranteed to live a normal peaceful life you deserve within a truly Filipino settings.

We have a team of standby specialists who are available 24/7 ready to assist you with any inquiry. Simply hit that LIVE CHAT Button and we will be there right away to provide you with answers. Our team has been in this businesses for a good amount of time working for clients, day-in and day-out. From the very moment to initiate that contact with us up to the last minute of your ownership, we will make you feel what it means to be “at home” with our customer service.

An Asian-architecture inspired community, The Avida Village Sta. Cecilia is a masterpiece in its own right and at the price that’s truly affordable. The Village Sta. Cecilia is Avida Land’s response for a modestly priced community but still with adorable houses and high-quality amenities and facilities.

The Village is a house and lot residential development located along the Molino-Paliparan Road, Brgy. Salawag, Dasmariñas, Cavite. The property is fully secured with 24/7 security and with concrete perimeter fence high enough to add more safety to homeowners and their families. Homeowners have the chance to enjoy the village well-planned and nature inspired amenities with neighbors where the ambience typifies a virtual paradise for the nature-lovers.

Aptly situated within close range from Tagaytay (30-minute drive away), 40 minutes away from Alabang and less than an hour away from Makati, the Village is a perfect reprieve from a stressful day at work where you could go home to a serene sanctuary free from the smog of the concrete jungle of the city.

Avida Land Avida Village Santa Cecilia in Cavite, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Avida Village Santa Cecilia, then check here first. We have full details of Avida Village Santa Cecilia updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Avida Village Santa Cecilia - Location & Vicinity

Avida Village Santa Cecilia is located along 4-lane Paliparan and Molino Roads in Brgy. Salawag in the biggest city of Cavite – Dasmariñas. Geographically, Dasmariñas is considered as the melting pot of the entire Cavite Province and with its classification as a Class A City, it has also been named as the Tiger City of the South. For many academicians, the City of Dasmariñas is the University City of Cavite because of the number of academic institutions within the perimeters of this hilarious city. And who would not love a city named as the internet hub of the south? Surely you would.

Dasmariñas is located 30 kilometers south of Metro Manila area. Due to this short distance and with the best restaurants and food hubs within the city, weekend here is full of metro yuppies enjoying the lights and sounds of Cavite. And with so much congestion in the metropolis, the horizontal urban congestion has penetrated this great City. Documented growth are evident the way industries and large multi-national institutions sprouted all over Dasmariñas in the past years. By far, among the cities of Cavite and nearby provinces, the city of Dasmariñas has proven to have the most stable economy. This is one big assurance that your Avida Village Santa Cecilia investments will continue to appreciate. As your representative, we will make sure that your business interests on that part is fully protected.

What prompted Avida Land to create Avida Village Santa Cecilia a true setting of a relaxed Filipino-them community is in honor of the great role of the City of Dasmariñas and the Province of Cavite in the pages of Philippine history. The same road where Avida Village is standing, the Paliparan road – which is now a 4 lane road – was the same safe exit passage for Filipino revolutionaries further south after Dasmariñas, the last city in Cavite to be recaptured by Spaniards, was slowly failing in 1897.

Comfort and convenience, among many other things are few of the top considerations decided on by Avida Land as it constructed the Avida Village Santa Cecilia. The very historic Paliparan Road is now home and passage to many establishments in and around to village. Let us see further the closest establishments to Avida Village:


  • Divine School of Dasmariñas
  • St. Francis of Assisi College System
  • Dasmariñas Elementary School Annex-C
  • St. Anthony Montessori Integrated School
  • Dasmariñas East National High School
  • Sta Cruz Elem. School
  • San Miguel Elem. School


  • St. Paul Hospital Cavite
  • Agraan Hospital
  • Metro South Medical Center
  • De La Salle Hospital
  • Dasmariñas Medical Center

Malls, Groceries & Supermarkets

  • SM City Dasmariñas
  • Walter Mart
  • Bayongbong Mini-Grocery
  • Robinsons’ Place Dasmariñas
  • PureGold Dasmariñas
  • Savemore Market
  • SM Hypermarket


  • Osorio Grace Community Church
  • Jesus is Lord International Ministries
  • Nazarene Church
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Lokal ng Iglesia ni Cristo
  • Dasmariñas Bible Baptist Church
  • Bayong Bayan Christian Church
  • Church of God World Missions

Banks, Gasoline Stations and prime government offices are located within few minutes distance-ride from the Village. Based on aforementioned listing, it simply goes to show that Dasmariñas is a diverse city, home to different religions aside from its being an A1 City in the entire Province of Cavite. 

Landmarks :

  • SM Super Center Molino - 6.6 km
  • The District Dasmarinas - 3.6 km
  • Emilio Aguinaldo Medical Center - 8.4 km
Avida Village Santa Cecilia Location

Avida Village Santa Cecilia - Photo Gallery

Real Estate Photo Gallery

Alicia Model House

Alicia Model House



Playground and Clubhouse

Playground and Clubhouse

Isabella Rendition Final

Isabella Rendition Final

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Avida Village Santa Cecilia - Features & Amenities

Avida Village Santa Cecilia is a perfect hideaway place for most peace-loving people who have been harassed by noise, pollution and traffic in the metropolis. With its easy-to-reach distance, the village will be a perfect haven for Metro Manila employed residents to re-charge the whole night through. Avida Land is set to break the record of other developers in generously providing the basic and necessary amenities to the community despite its affordable house and lot packages. Most often, only the high priced villas offer amenities and facilities but that is not true in the case of Avida Land.

Here the list of available Facilities & Equipments you are set to enjoy:


  1. Full perimeter fence around the village: Gladly, the entire village is kept safe within the protection of strong perimeter walls. Intruders at no particular time nor date are allowed entry here. Enough to make sure that your family is truly safe.
  2. Responsible Property Management by Avida Land Corp: Avida Land has, in place, a team of Property Management experts that may quickly respond to critical or related scenarios within the community. Avida Land truly understand the need to have a responsible and credible team to represent Avida to all of its clients-residents.
  3. Village-owned water supply system: Dasmariñas is blessed with a larger and a much cleaner water table, enough to supply its residents. Avida Land is taking advantage of this natural bounty to make sure that residents have uninterrupted supply of a clean and a much cheaper water.
  4. Round-the-clock security services: We can’t afford to compromise anybody’s safety under our watch so a team of well-trained security personnel are manning the entrance and exit gates, including the open common areas within the village, with due diligence and dedication.


  1. Accessible multi-purpose hall and a main park: Family affairs and other community gatherings can be held within the safe grounds of the multi-purpose hall. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christening – name it, you have a safe place to hold such events. With the overlooking main park which is incomparably healthy and eco-friendly, your occasions will just be that great.
  2. Basketball court: Millennials are mostly health conscious and most often, from office, they have to go to a gym to sweat out over a basketball games. Well, travel no more because Avida Village Santa Cecilia has its own playing court within the safe premises of the village. Time to win a friend.
  3. Swimming Pool: Most people are dying from the thought of spending weekends with their families on a swimming spree in nearby resorts. Our in-house pools are yours to enjoy over weekends or on any day that you wish to use it. Be our guest and enjoy with your family.
  4. Gazebo and trellis in Main Park: Gazebos and Trellis available at the main park provide informal spaces and opportunity for friends, neighbors and even families to have a casual talk perhaps over a cup of coffee or a bottle of soda. These are yours to enjoy without limits.
  5. Nearby play area for kids: Truly important, yes indeed. So Avida Land provided that very significant space for children to be children – the play area. Safe as it is within the bounds of the village, this kiddie area is meant to treat children of all ages to enjoy their weekend and holidays. Time to win some friends, kids. 

  • Swimming Pool
  • Full perimeter fence around the village
  • Accessible multi-purpose hall and a main park
  • Basketball court
  • Gazebo and trellis in main park
  • Nearby play area for kids
  • Responsible property management by Avida Land Corp.
  • Village-owned water supply system
  • Round-the-clock security services

Avida Village Santa Cecilia - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Amia ₱ 2.3 M 50 sqm
Alicia ₱ 1.7 M 33 sqm
Isabella ₱ 1.3 M 48 sqm

Avida Village Santa Cecilia - Payment Option

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Why You Should Invest In  Avida Village Santa Cecilia

Dasmariñas is the University City of Cavite

If you are planning to live in a countryside setting where trees and vegetation abound but with modern twist and a dynamic environment and as a perfect place for your kids to study, the Village Sta. Cecilia is quiet a good investment. The setting is also good for the health of your children.

The city of Dasmariñas is known as the “University City of Cavite” because the city acts as a recipient of the dispersal thrusts of various universities and colleges from Metro Manila to widen their reach to the people. Universities such as the De La Salle University, Technological University of the Philippines, the Philippine Christian University and St. Paul College, to name just a few.

The City is a Dynamic Growth Area

Cavite province is part of the famous CALABARZON region and Dasmariñas City is host to several industries where it becomes the preferred location by various business enterprises as it is in a crossroad of development south of Metro Manila.

The First Cavite Industrial Estate occupies 283 hectares of land and is located in the heart of the city. The estate has currently 48 locators (local and foreign manufacturing companies) within its sleeve. The preferred locators are non-polluters, labor intensive, non-hazardous and export-oriented companies employing thousands of people and expats.

The other industrial estates located in the city are the Dasmariñas Techno Park and the City land Industrial Estate. These two industrial estates also employ thousands of locals and expats. The stable economy of Dasmariñas City connotes a very stable real estate industry.

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